JavaScript Basic Part-1

JavaScript Basic Part-1

(this article series for new JavaScript learners)

Article no — 1

This article series depend with A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript Book.

1 → Alerts

1.1 picture

1.1 picture have alert box. that alert box can handle with JavaScript.

  • How make alert with js?

1.2 Picture

1.2 picture was show how write hello world syntax

1.3 picture

1.3 picture have output

2 → Variables

How to create variable with js it so easy!

2.1 picture

2.1 picture show you how to create variable. you know now it so easy.


  • if you went create variable with alphabet letters you should use single coma(‘ ’) or double coma(“ ”)

example :- var myname = “nameape”;

  • if you went create variable number no need to use any coma you can use numbers for arithmetic

example :- var num = 18;

How to check variable name legal or illegal?

  • A variable name can’t contain any spaces

  • A variable name can contain only letters, numbers, dollar signs, and underscores.

  • Though a variable name can’t be any of JavaScript’s keywords, it can contain keywords. For example, userAlert and myVar are legal.

  • Capital letters are fine, but be careful. Variable names are case sensitive. A rose is not a Rose. If you assign the string “Floribundas” to the variable rose, and then ask JavaScript for the value assigned to Rose, you’ll come up empty.

  • you can’t use js keywords for variables.

  • I teach the camelCase naming convention. Why “camelCase”? Because there is a hump or two (or three) in the middle if the name is formed by more than one word. A camelCase name begins in lower case. If there’s more than one word in the name, each subsequent word gets an initial cap, creating a hump. If you form a variable name with only one word, like response, there’s no hump. It’s a camel that’s out of food. Please adopt the camelCase convention. It’ll make your variable names more readable, and you’ll be less likely to get variable names mixed up

3 → Js Operators

3.1 picture

3.1 picture show js operators you can practice it.

you can practice math with this link👇

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